Lowenstein Associates has just published The Village of Bones, Sabalah’s Talethe Prequel to my best-selling Earthsong Series. If you buy the novel before May 15th, you can get a FREE Kindle edition of The Year the Horses Came, which is the next novel in the Series.

“Mary Mackey’s The Village of Bones, gives us the vivid adventures of The Clan of the Cave Bear, the magic of The Mists of Avalon and Lord of the Rings, and the beauty of Avatar. Filled with the belief that love drives out fear, it contains stunning twists that will leave you wanting more.”   –Dorothy Hearst, author of the Wolf Chronicles

A perilous journey, a stunning prophecy, a dangerous love that could destroy humankind: In 4386 B.C., a young priestess named Sabalah conceives a magical child with a mysterious stranger named Arash. Sabalah names the child Marrah. This child will save the Goddess-worshiping people of Europe from marauding nomad invaders called Beastmen, but only if her mother can keep her alive long enough to grow up. Warned by the Goddess in a vision of the coming invasion, Sabalah flees west with Arash to save her baby daughter, only to discover that she is running into the arms of her worst enemies. In the dark forests of northern Europe, other human-like species left over from the Ice Age still exist. 

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Click here for your FREE Kindle e-book edition of The Year The Horses Came.



  1. Carole Stedronsky says

    Congratulations Mary! I’ve ordered “The Village of Bones,” and wish I could start reading it tonight!

  2. Ordered! So exciting! 🙂

  3. I just finished reading it, and would love to find a discussion group. Now I’d better dash off to Amazon to review it 🙂

    • Mary Mackey says

      I’m glad you liked it, Sandra. If you can’t find a discussion group, why not start one? If you do, please let me know and I’ll post the information here. All best, Mary Mackey

      • I haven’t started many discussions, so would you suggest I use your Amazon Page, Goodreads, Facebook or some other location? Also, have you by any chance read my series Kalie’s Journey? (First book is Daughter of the Goddess Lands). I ask because your books were a huge inspiration to me.

        • Mary Mackey says

          I am honored to have inspired your writing, Sandra. I haven’t read your Kalie’s Journey but would like to.
          As for discussions: I think the best place to start discussions is on my Facebook Page or on Goodreads.

          • I just started a discussion of The Village of Bones on Goodreads. Hopefully, it will be a lively discussion. Please drop by when you can 🙂

          • Hi, Sandra,

            I just went to Goodreads to join your discussion group, but I couldn’t find it. Could you please tell me how to get to it? I am a little clueless
            about how to navigate around in Goodreads. Many thanks. Mary

    • Hi, Sandra, I haven’t been able to find your discussion on Goodreads, but I’m still trying! I’d love to
      pay the group a visits and answer questions. Meanwhile, thank you for your splendid review.

  4. I read the Earthsong ebooks 1, 2, and 3 in 2012. Today I ordered the audio for each of those books. I also ordered The Village of Bones. Will/when the audio for The Village of Bones be available?

    • Mary Mackey says

      Hi, Alice, The Audible version of The Village of Bones should be available the second week in September. I will announce
      it on my website, and also make a note to email you personally when it is available.

      all best,

      Mary Mackey

      • Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I am fascinated by prehistoric fiction and was delighted to find the EarthSong ebooks are now in audio. I hope you will continue this series…or surprise us with something new in that line.
        I am anxiously awaiting the audio of The Village of Bones….A.

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