The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams: New and Selected Poems 1974 to 2018
With an Introduction by D. Nurske

Travelers With No Ticket Home 

Sugar Zone 

Breaking the Fever  

The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams: New and Selected Poems 1974 to 2018
With an Introduction by D. Nurske. Published by Marsh Hawk Press. In this stunning collection, Mary Mackey writes of life, death, love, and passion with intensity and grace. Her collected poems, which span over forty years, are hugely imaginative and multi-layered.  More . . .

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MHP-Mackey-Travelers-front-cvr-v003-noBleedTravelers With No Ticket Home: Poems by Mary Mackey. Published by Marsh Hawk Press. Intensely lyrical poems written with the same skill and passion that made Mackey’s previous collection Sugar Zone winner of the 2012 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award. More . . .

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 Sugar Zone, poems by Mary MackeySugar Zone: Winner of the 2012 PEN Oakland Jospehine Miles Award for Literary Excellence. Published by Marsh Hawk Press. More . . .

$2.99 e-book; $15.00 paperback   ISBN 978-0-9846353-1-3

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 Breaking The Fever, Poetry by Mary MackeyBreaking The Fever: Poems by Mary Mackey: Garrison Keillor has read four of the poems in this collection on his show The Writer’s Almanac. Published by Marsh Hawk Press. More . . .

$15.00 paperback        ISBN 0-9724785-8-2


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Prehistoric fiction:

The Village of Bones: Sabalah’s Tale (Prequel to The Earthsong Series)

The Year The Horses Came (Book One of The Earthsong Series)

The Horses At the Gate (Book Two of The Earthsong Series)

The Fires of Spring (Book Three of The Earthsong Series)

The Last Warrior Queen


hi res b of v front cover March 21 2016

The Village of Bones: Sabalah’s Tale (Prequel to Mary Mackey’s best-selling Earthsong Series)  In 4386 B.C., a young priestess named Sabalah conceives a magical child with a mysterious stranger named Arash. Sabalah names the child Marrah. This child will save the Goddess-worshiping people of Europe from nomad invaders called Beastmen, but only if her mother can keep her alive long enough to grow up. Warned in a vision of the coming invasion, Sabalah flees west with Arash to save her baby daughter, only to discover that she is running into the arms of her worst enemies. In the dark forests of northern Europe, other human-like species left over from the Ice Age still exist.
More . . .   

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The Year The Horses CameVolume One of The Earthsong Series evokes the moment in pre-history when marauding nomads brought horses, male gods, and war to a goddess-worshipping Europe that had known peace for thousands of years. More . . .

$2.99 e-book; $18.86 paperback; $14.95 Audible Audio edition

ISBN-10: 0595311164  ISBN-13: 978-0595311163

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The-Horses-At-The-Gate-Low-ResThe Horses At The Gate:
 Volume Two of The Earthsong Trilogy. As nomad invaders ride south to attack the peaceful, goddess-worshipping people of Shara, the warrior-priestess Marrah is initiated into the cult of the Dark Mother.  More . . .

$2.99 e-book; $17.06 paperback; $26.06 hardcover; $14.95 Audible Edition

ISBN-10: 0595763146  ISBN-13: 978-0595763146

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The-Fires-Of-Spring-Low-ResThe Fires of Spring: Volume Three of The Earthsong Trilogy.  When the nomad diviner Changar kidnaps Queen Marrah’s son Keru, Marrah vows to hunt Changar down and rescue her son, but Changar has taken possession of Keru’s soul and turned him against his own people. More . . .

$2.99 e-book; $20.95 paperback; $14.95 Audible Audio edition

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03 The Last Warrior Queen, Vook e-book coverThe Last Warrior QueenIn the year 3643 B.C.E. a young priestess named Inanna defends The City of The Dove, a place dedicated to the Earth Goddess where love is sacred and sex is an act of worship. More . . .

$2.99 Kindle e-book; Audible edition $21.83

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Historical Fiction, Romance, and Mystery


A Grand Passion

The Kindness of Strangers

Season of Shadows

The Notorious Mrs. Winston

The Widow’s War


Immersion Mary MackeyImmersion:  A poetic, stunningly beautiful novel set in the rainforests of Costa Rica. The plot centers around a passionate love affair and a jealousy that proves fatal. This groundbreaking work was the first novel published by a Second Wave feminist press. More . . .

$2.99 e-book; $10.95 paperback                     ISBN-10: 1475981899  ISBN-13: 978-1475981896

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A Grand Passion Mary MackeyA Grand Passion: New York Times Bestseller. From the Maryinksy Theatre in pre-Revolutionary Russia to the Lincoln Center in New York during the seventies, this is a generational story of three great ballerinas coming to terms with a family history of love and betrayal.  More . . .

$2.99 e-book; $26.21 Audible Audio edition

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The Kindness Of StrangersThe Kindness of Strangers: From the smoky decadence of the radical theater in pre-World War II Berlin to the drug-fueled excitement of mid-eighties Hollywood, The Kindness of Strangers tells the spellbinding story of three remarkable actresses.  More . . .

$2.99 e-book

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Season of Shadows Mary MackeySeason of Shadows: A story that begins in the 60’s and traces a 30 year friendship between two women who are both forced to change their identities when one of them is mistakenly implicated in a Weather Underground bombing. More . . .

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The Notorious Mrs. WinstonThe Notorious Mrs. Winston: Disguised as a male soldier,  a passionate abolitionist  is swept up in the greatest guerilla raid in the Civil War only to find herself trapped between her love for a Confederate soldier and her loyalty to the Union and her husband. More . . .

ISBN 978-0-425-21512-8
$15.99 e-book

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The Widow's War, a novel by Mary MackeyThe Widow’s War

A novel of a woman’s fierce spirit, rebellious love, and struggle for justice set against the backdrop of the approaching Civil War. More . . .
ISBN: 978-0-425-22791-6
$12.99 e-book; $6.00 paperback

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McCarthy’s List

The Stand In (written under Mary Mackey’s pen name “Kate Clemens”)

Sweet Revenge (written under Mary Mackey’s pen name “Kate Clemens”) 

McCarthys List Mary MackeyMcCarthy’s List

Written in the “first person insane,” McCarthy’s List is zany, hilarious, irreverent contemplation of the madness of American culture. Rinda Sue McCarthy, born at the precise moment the atomic bomb burst over Hiroshima, sits in a Mexican jail awaiting execution by firing squad. As the Mexican soldiers practice their marksmanship outside her cell, she writes her confession: a tale of the crimes committed against her by the leaders of a Conspiracy She Is Not At Liberty To Name, and her murderous, but utterly apt revenge. Who are They? Old boyfriends, professors, doctors, her former husband–all of whom have sexually abused her, intellectually trivialized her, performed unnecessary operations on her, and committed her to a mental hospital against her will, not to mention condemned her to death. Is Rinda Sue a paranoid schizophrenic driven mad by growing up in Indianapolis in an era when Joe McCarthy (no relation) was frightening America with his vision of a great, secret communist conspiracy? Or is her behavior the only sane response to an insane world? Either way, Mackey has written a brilliant, dark comedy, witty, misanthropic, and entirely hilarious. More . . .

Audible edition: $17.46 (paperback, Kindle ebook) (paperback, NOOK ebook)
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The Stand In, A Novel by Mary MackeyThe Stand In

A spoiled movie star and an underpaid grocery store check-out clerk trade lives with hilarious consequences. Based on Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper”, this novel is a comic look at the Hollywood Pecking Order. Written under Mackey’s pen name Kate Clemens. More . . .

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Sweet Revenge Mary MackeSweet Revenge

In this delightfully wicked, deliciously funny romantic comedy, Kate Clemens introduces the unconventional Nora Wynn, a woman who finds herself in the revenge-consulting business – and business is booming. But revenge isn’t so sweet when someone turns the tables on Nora herself . . . and this time, love may find a way to set things right. More . . .

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