Praise for Mary Mackeys Novels

“Mackey’s such a good writer.”

    —Martha Grimes, Foul Matter


“Grand adventure and a grand reading

experience . . .  sexy, explosive.”

    — Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides


“Vivid, dramatic, compelling . . . .”

     –Marge Piercy, author of  Three Women


“Inventive and imaginative.”

    —The New York Times


“No one, but no one, writes loves scenes as sensuously as Mary


   —Arts Indiana


“Mary Mackey will have readers in love with her elegant




“Vivid depiction . . . captivating scenes.  .  . .  a novel whose lessons lie in the hearts of the characters and in  their bold efforts to defend their vision of life at all costs.”

    –Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul


“Mackey is a superb storyteller. She takes history and makes it human.”

    –Tillie Olsen, author of  Tell Me A Riddle


A good, fast-moving story, with plenty of action and adventure, a

large and vivid cast of characters, and tender love scenes.

   —The San Francisco Chronicle


“Mackey has helped examine, define, and enrich our understanding

of Eros.”

     –Lily Pond,  editor of  The Book of Eros


“With all the literary grace and story-telling power we have come

to expect of her, Mary Mackey leads us on a trek to the origins of modern

sexual politics.”

    –Theodore Roszak, author of The Making of a Counter-Culture

        and Where the Wasteland Ends


“She brings the assets of a quick wit, broad scholarship, and an

enormous [sense of] history to all of her work.”

    —Yellow Silk Journal


“[Mackey] provides the insight into history that is the hallmark of good

historical fiction. . . She creates realistic characters who

provide the flavor of past culture without the lectures.”

    —New Age Journal 


“Brilliant, accurate . . an unforgettable work of fiction that

provides much more than entertainment . . . Mary Mackey truly has

a researcher’s precision combined with a storyteller’s magic.”

    –Dr. Marija Gimbutas, author of The Civilization of the Goddess       


“A rallying trumpet.

    —Kirkus Reviews   


“Imaginative interpretation.”

    —Publisher’s Weekly   


“I have been lending this absorbing, gripping novel to all my

friends.  Few books have moved me as deeply.”

    —Heartsong Review


“Fascinating . . . the best of its kind.”

    –Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of The Mists of Avalon    


“A finely crafted novel which moves from innocence and grace.”

    —Floyd Salas, author of Buffalo Nickel 


“Exhilarating . . . brims with vibrant characters.”

    —Publishers Weekly


“Mary Mackey knows a lot about passion and writes about it well.”

   —San Jose Mercury News


“Novelist Mary Mackey is a writers’ writer in

the truest sense.”

    —The Sacramento Bee     


“Prepare to be absorbed, dazzled, mesmerized. . . . This is a

passionate novel which dramatically portrays the best and worst of

humanity . . . It is a feast of words.”



“I read this book without ever putting it down!”

    –Reader review from

“Mary Mackey gives her readers yet another woman warrior,

this one a fighter in  the Civil War.   We thrill to the story of Carrie Vinton,

as she travels from Brazil to Bloody Kansas to Missouri, and courageously takes the side of freedom over slavery.”

   —Maxine Hong Kingston


A must read. . . Mackey has written a story with prose that flows like poetry. Beautiful even in tragedy.

—- Coral Russell, Alchemy of Scrawl (review of Immersion)