The Horses At the Gate

The-Horses-At-The-Gate-Low-ResThe Horses at the Gate

“A woman’s epic quest in a stirring novel of prehistory.”
–The New York Times

As nomad invaders ride south to attack the peaceful, goddess-worshipping people of Shara, the priestess Marrah is initiated into the cult of the Dark Mother. Armed with powerful magic, she and her nomad lover, Stavan, must fight for the survival of their children and their people. Volume Two of The Earthsong Series.

“A heart-pounding evocation…whose lessons lie in the hearts of the characters.”
–Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul.

“Literary grace and powerful storytelling.”
–Theodore Roszak

$2.99 e-book; $17.06 paperback; $26.06 hardcover

ISBN-10: 0595763146  ISBN-13: 978-0595763146

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