Season of Shadows

Season of Shadows Mary MackeySeason of Shadows

Beginning in the early 1960’s, Season of Shadows narrates the story of a 30 year friendship between Lucy Constable and Cassandra Quinn, two college roommates who are forced to go into hiding and change their identities when Lucy flees from an abusive marriage to a foreign prince and Cassie is mistakenly implicated in a Weather Underground bombing.  For over three decades they protect each other, support each other, and keep each other’s secrets until Cassie is stopped for making an illegal left-hand turn, exposed, and arrested for murder. Only Lucy can clear Cassie’s name and prove that Cassie is innocent, but to do so, she must put her own life at risk.  Season of Shadows is filled with of romance, exotic locales,  and exciting plot twists, but above all it is about personal and political choices including the questions: “When push comes to shove, which side are you on, and what would you be willing to sacrifice for your best friend?”

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