Breaking The Fever

Breaking The Fever, Poetry by Mary MackeyBreaking the Fever

Marsh Hawk Press publishes The Marsh Hawk Review which often features Mary Mackey’s poetry. Mackey was guest editor of the Fall 2010 and Spring 2014 Issues.

“Most poets seem to write poetry with the will, relentlessly suppressing every part of themselves that isn’t ecstatic. Mary Mackey writes as a whole person – mind and senses-and the poems are marvelous.”
– Dennis Nurkse, author of Burnt Island

“The poetry in Breaking the Fever offers truths both personal & political, visions both actual and imaginatively broad. Ranging in setting from her childhood Indianapolis to a Brazilian favela, in subject from ecological tragedy to marital passion to the thoughts of a thoroughly contemporary Leda, Mary Mackey’s crisp-edged perceptions are set down in this new collection of poems with a sensuous, compassionate, and utterly unflinching eye.”
– Jane Hirshfield author of Given Sugar, Given Salt

“Your poems are delightful . . . even when they are elegiac”
– Wendell Berry, author of Given, from a letter to the Author

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Breaking the Fever             
Poems by Mary Mackey
Published by Marsh Hawk Press 2006
ISBN 0-9724785-8-2 
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