The Year The Horses Came


The-Year-The-Horses-Came-Low-ResThe Year the Horses Came

Volume One of The Earthsong Series evokes the moment in prehistory when marauding nomads brought horses, male gods, and war to a Goddess-worshipping Europe that had known peace for thousands of years. Against this perilous backdrop, a passionate, dangerous love develops between Marrah, a gifted priestess who defends her people against the nomads, and Stavan, one of the invading warriors.

“A researcher’s precision combined with storytelling magic.”
—Marija Gimbutas, author of The Civilization of the Goddess

“Vivid, dramatic, compelling.”
—Marge Piercy, author of Woman on the Edge of Time

“Fascinating . . . the best of its kind” – Marion Zimmer Bradley (author of “The Mists of Avalon”)

$2.99 e-book; $18.86 paperback; $25.95 Audible Audio edition

ISBN-10: 0595311164  ISBN-13: 978-0595311163

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