The Notorious Mrs. Winston

The Notorious Mrs. WinstonThe Notorious Mrs. Winston

Her novels have been praised for possessing meticulously accurate historical detail and a bountiful array of vibrant characters. Now Mary Mackey makes a grand return with a beautifully written story set during the American Civil War, as a fierce abolitionist in a loveless marriage falls helplessly in love with a Confederate soldier.

Married to an older man who sees her as little more than a possession, Claire Winston feels trapped and unhappy, but she knows her personal suffering pales in comparison to the hardships of the nation, which is teetering on the precipice of civil war. And she has a secret that helps ease her despair: her family’s devotion to the cause of assisting runaway slaves to freedom, a purpose she embraces, and of which her husband is unaware.

Still, the empty pretense of her marriage makes her vulnerable to temptation, and soon she finds herself captivated by John Taylor, her husband’s nephew. In his arms she finds the passion and tenderness her marriage lacks, but as much as John loves her, he is devoted first and foremost to the Confederacy, and to the band of rebel guerillas known as Morgan’s Raiders.

Separated from John for more than two years by the forces of history, and by her husband’s machinations, Claire will travel boldly across the war-torn country in search of her lover. Until, disguised as a male soldier, she finds herself drafted by none other than General Morgan himself, swept up in the greatest guerilla raid in American history, and caught between her loyalty to the Union and her love for John.

*Publishers Weekly

Acclaim for Mary Mackey’s previous novels
“Grand adventure and a grand reading experience.”
– Pat Conroy

“A complex, colorful saga, engrossing and realistic.”
– Publishers Weekly

“Inventive and imaginative.”
– The New York Times

“Deserves a place on the shelves next to the work of Jean Auel.”
– Booklist

– Marion Zimmer Bradley

ISBN 978-0-425-21512-8
$15.99 e-book

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The Notorious Mrs Winston
Novel by Mary Mackey
Published by Berkley Books 2007
(The Penguin Publishing Group)
ISBN 978-0-425-21512-8